How to Reset the IA App

  1. Open the IA app.
  2. Press your finger in the bottom left corner on the symbol with two computers until a textbox appears asking for a password. This takes approximately five seconds.
  3. The password follows a pattern that matches the day of the month. Ie. Today is January 29 and the password is help92. Tomorrow the password would be the number transposed for the date so it would be help30. Type the password in the textbox and press enter.
  4. In the top left corner a diagnostic panel will open and you will tap on settings.
  5. A window appears to the right of the diagnostic panel and you must tap on United States, Virginia, and Patrick County Public Schools must be selected. Once this has been done, the Correct Service URL and Client Code will be set up and you will need to tap on apply and ok.
  6. Click the x to close the diagnostic window and the app should work properly.
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